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Robinson v. Township of Muskoka Lakes


Muskoka/Parry Sound/Haliburton


Minor Variances


Ontario Municipal Board


The appellants are appealing a decision from the Township of Muskoka for the refusal of a minor variance from Zoning By-law 87-87, which would permit a proposed garage/storage building on the subject property. The variances are relief from s. 7.3.1 of ZBL 87-87; a lot are of 0.4 acres rather than the required 1.0 acres; a lot frontage of 110 ft, rather than required 200 ft; and a maximum height of 20.5 ft, rather than maximum height of 20 ft.


Appeal allowed with conditions


The Board finds that there are no matters of Provincial interest affected by this application and that the applications are in conformity with the intent and purpose of the District of Muskoka OP and the Township of Muskoka Lakes OP as amended by OPA No. 40. It is also the determination of the Board that the relief being sought out is minor and will have no adverse impact on any abutting properties, nor will the plans not comply with the standards of the municipality or the Ontario Building Code.