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Sculati v. Township of Muskoka Lakes


Muskoka/Parry Sound/Haliburton


Residential Development, Shoreline Development, Zoning By-law Amendments


Ontario Municipal Board


An appeal against a decision of the Township of Muskoka Lakes approving By-law Amendment No. 2012-15 with provisions requiring a proposed dwelling to have a minimum front yard setback of 50 feet and limiting the size of the dwelling to a maximum of 4700 square feet for the subject property. The purpose of the appeal is to obtain relief from the two above-noted provisions. The subject property is a waterfront lot that previously had been two separate lots, which now have been merged and contains two cottages.


Appeal allowed in part


In consideration of the evidence and factors presented before the Board, including the opinion of the Planner, the Board finds that the revised By-law 2012-15 is appropriate and it should be approved. He indicated that revised By-law 2012-15 raises no issues with regard to the Provincial Policy Statement; it conforms to the Township Official Plan and represents good planning.